words by Jeff Schmuck

The moment you’ve all been waiting for has arrived. They’re here, they’re amazing and they’re ready for your viewing pleasure. After 10 days of blood, sweat and tears at the most amazing, progressive and unique event in the history of skiing, we proudly present you the Jon Olsson Super Sessions videos from the 10 extremely gifted teams that participated in the event. Enjoy...

Team Sammy Carlson: Sammy Carlson (skier), Dominique Janiszewsi (filmer), Nate Abbot (photographer). The winning team mixes hardcore ski porn with stunning photography along with quite possibly the coolest filming in the history of the sport, via a paraglider. 

Team Simon Dumont: Simon Dumont (skier), Riley Poor (filmer), Blake Jorgenson (photographer). Simon, Riley and Blake seemed hungrier than anyone to win this event, and the skiing, filming and photography in their film proves that point in the most beautifully crafted offering of the week.

Team Jon Olsson: Jon Olsson (skier), Johnny Decesare (filmer), Mattias Fredriksson (photographer). The illustrious host and mastermind of the event and his team put a fine mixture of humor, flawless skiing and some of the most top notch filming and photography imaginable into their not to be forgotten film.

Team Andreas Hatveit: Andreas Hatveit (skier), Jon Hatveit (filmer), Vegard Breie (photographer). One of the most well rounded skiers in the business absolutely destroys each and every feature with his brother Jon right behind him, literally.

Team Colby West: Colby West (skier), Steve Rozendaal (filmer), Damian Cromwell (photographer). Colby brings his one of a kind humor to his film by impersonating fellow skiers and follows it up nicely with the hard working and on point skiing that seems to be second nature to him.

Team Peter Olenick: Peter Olenick (skier), Erik Simard (filmer), Charles Spina (photographer). While nursing a set of sore knees throughout the week, Peter and his crew get creative by also adding a humorous storyline to their film complemented by the most amazing and unique lifestyle photos of the event.

Team Oscar Scherlin: Oscar Scherlin (skier), Marcus Hansen (filmer), Johan Stahlberg (photographer). Oscar and his crew take a unique approach to their film by ditching the soundtrack and showing off the behind-the-scenes sights and sounds of the competition.


Team Mike Clarke: Mike Clarke (skier), Drew Lederer (filmer), Annaleah De Masi (photograher). After everything going wrong that could go wrong, Mike and his team find it in themselves to poke fun at their misfortune and manage to put together one of the most entertaining videos of the event.

Team Jacob Wester: Jacob Wester (skier), Andreas Olofsson (filmer), Ben Zucker (photographer). Jacob and his crew put together a stunningly beautiful film, highlighted by Jacob’s jaw-dropping double cork 12 on the JOI hit, which may just be the most impressive double ever thrown.


Team Henrik Harlaut: Henrik Harlaut (skier), Andrew Napier (filmer), Yngve Staberg (photographer). Henrik and his team make the most of every moment in Are, straying outside of the massive features on the down days and scoring the most impressive urban footage of the competition in the process.