words by Jeff Schmuck

photos by Felix Rioux & Chris Bjerrisgaard

Day 4 of the JOSS started late today with another nighttime session, this time on the Experiment, the old school freestyle jump with three take-offs. The jump was one of the most anticipated features by the athletes and spectators alike, as all were curious how the best freeskiers in the world would take to the aerials-like take-off and landing.

The Experiment

The late start was more than a blessing for everyone involved, as the other major aspect of this event, the partying, was in full effect last night with the biggest party so far.

With a seemingly endless amount of bottle service courtesy of Jon, everyone and their dog was in full-blown rockstar mode till the early hours of the morning, and the scores of beautiful Swedish women didn’t hurt things either.

So after a much needed and well-deserved sleep in, the boys made their way up the hill at dusk to begin the session.

Jon Olsson: the mastermind at work

The three take-offs got taller and steeper left to right, and while the jump crew made some final preparations on the tranny of the big take-off, the athletes began getting a feel for things on the smaller side.

Oscar Scherlin

Oscar Scherlin was the first person to hit the jump tonight with some stalled out 3’s before quickly moving onto some big cork 7 mutes.

Jacob Wester

Sammy Carlson

And much like last night, Jacob Wester started things off right with some super smooth flatspin 3’s and 5’s, while Sammy Carlson quickly followed his lead and then stepped it up with some big kangaroo flips.

Andreas Hatveit

Andreas Hatveit also took to the jump right away with some huge double backflips much to the delight of the large crowd, and was the first to begin hitting the big side with some gorgeous cork 3 and 5 tail grabs.

Henrik Harlaut

Mike Clarke

Styling it out all night like always was Henrik Harlaut, who was throwing some extremely slow and smooth 3’s and 5’s with japan grabs that he seemingly held onto forever. Mike Clarke was also turning up the steeze with his trademark corked out 7’s and 9’s, and had been thinking all day about going to back to his aerials roots on the jump for shits and giggles, but decided against it after hitting it a few times and later slicing his hand open near the end of the session on the edges of his new skis. But not to worry, only a few stitches will be needed and then he'll be back in action.

Simon Dumont

Simon Dumont continued his reign on terror of the features tonight, with his super slow and motionless cork 3’s and later threw in a huge variety of his extremely unique and tweaked out grabs.

And much like all week, Colby West was in fine form by throwing some super laid back 180’s and was the first person to hit the big side switch with some huge switch 5’s.

Colby West

Jon Olsson and Peter Olenick were both out of commission tonight, as Jon tweaked his knee yesterday and Peter, who has been nursing a sore knee himself, was extremely sore after last night’s session on the Rhythm Section.

Jon Olsson and Simon Dumont

All the athletes are grinning ear-to-ear after the session, with some calling it one of the funnest features so far. Also adding to their grin is the bowling contest/party that is about to go down, because really…who doesn’t love bowling?

Tomorrow’s feature has yet to be determined, as weather may end up being a factor, but be sure to check in for more daily coverage right here on NS.