Words & photos: Jeff Schmuck

Video: Christian 'Cheech' Sander

Jon Olsson Super Sessions is soldiering on here in Åre, Sweden, although the sessions themselves were put on hiatus over the past 48 hours due to a surge of murky weather.

Another brief practice-style session did ensue on the Max Hip yesterday, where roughly half of the teams took turns playing on the beast despite the less than desirable conditions. Some, like Team America's Simon Dumont and Tom Wallisch, were turning the few heads in attendance via some 25-foot+ cork 5's from the Dumont, who was freakishly close to straight up clearing the hip end-to-end he was going so damn big, while Wallisch played chicken with the steep and narrow take-off with little to no room for error by being the first competitor to hit it switch.

Simon Dumont (above) & Tom Wallisch (below). photos: Darren Rayner

Today's planned session was scrapped all together due to the greybird skies subsequent rain, at which point some of the other teams suited up and dispersed themselves across town on top secret urban missions.

Team Newschoolers

Others opted to stay indoors, as the two initial and intense back-to-back sessions on the Red Bull Jib Garden, Max Hip and JOI jump immediately following the long day of travel to Sweden left some feeling fatigued and sore.

Team Canada's Justin Dorey, Darren Rayner & Ian Cosco

Team Europe's Oscar Harlaut & Elias Ambuhl

Team Down Under's Russ Henshaw, Dhanu 'Danger' Sherpa & Jossi Wells

As a result, we took the time to hop from room-to-room on today's down day to chat with some of the teams about how JOSS is going thus far while having them show off their living conditions, and put together an entertaining episode of NSTV for you called JOSS Cribs.


Today is Colby James West's birthday (join us in wishing him a happy one), and if what went down last night after the clock struck 12 on his 25th is any indication, tonight is sure to be another wild night at the Bygget night club a snowball's throw from where we're resting our heads.

Happy Birthday Colby James West

Stay tuned for more from JOSS, which will hopefully continue with the much anticipated first session on the nearly completed step-up jump tomorrow, weather permitting. And speaking of Colby, be sure to head over to http://www.josupersessions.com to check out his first hilarious videoblog on the event, along with Jon's informative offerings on http://www.jon-olsson.com.