The worlds top

big air athletes have arrived in Åre for the third and last edition of

the Jon Olsson Invitational. The line up is more impressive than ever

with some 30 skiers from 10 different countries. 


Friday night´s Nations

cup will add a new element to this years competition. The skiers will

try to collect points for their respective countries by performing

jumps in teams of two, side by side. For the main attraction, the

JOI-finals on Saturday night at 7 pm are expected to draw a crowd of thousands to the Olympia slope in Åre.

Jon Olsson on the first

training session at Monday night:

"I could feel some anxiety among the riders when we were about

to hit the jump for the very first time. The size of the gap

and the proportions of the whole jump is a little frightening before

you get used to it. The first session turned out great, however. We had a beautiful

evening with clear skies and the shape of the jump feels perfect. All

the riders are stoked, we will push the boundaries for big air skiing

the next couple of days," says Olsson.

The finalized starting field


Jon Olsson, SWE

2. Jacob Wester, SWE

3. Oscar Scherlin, SWE

4. Niklas Karlström, SWE

5. Jim Johanson, SWE

6. Andreas Håtveit, NOR

7. Tomas Dölplads, NOR

8. PK Hunder, NOR

9. Espen Linnerud, NOR

10. Simon Dumont, USA


11. Sammy Carlson, USA

12. Colby West, USA

13. Peter Olenik, USA

14. Michael Olinek, USA

15. Ahmet Dadali, USA

16. Tom Wallisch, USA

17. A-J Kempainen, FIN

18. Kalle Leinonen, FIN

19. Shoya Okazaki, JAP

20. Shinji Osada, JAP


21. Phil Casabon, CAN

22. TJ Schiller, CAN

23. Josh Bibby, CAN

24. Patrick Hollaus, AUT

25. Martin Misof, AUT

26. Fabio Studer,  AUT

27. Richard Permin, FRA

28. Aurelien Fornier, FRA

29. Byron Wells, NZ

30. Russ Henshaw, AUS


31. Jossi Wells, NZ

32. Grete Eliassen, NOR



session at monday night.

Photo: Julian Fohrman

The finalized Event Scedule


March 29th

09.00-11.00 and 15.00-18.00 Press Office, Tott


15.00-16.00 Press conference, Tott Hotell

18.00-20.00 Session at Olympia finish arena

22.00-02.00 Party at Werséns with Red Bull Music Academy

Friday March 30th

09.00-12.00 Press Office, Tott Hotell and 17.00-20.00 Olympia finish


16.00-17.00 Meet the riders at the Telia shop

19.00-21.00 Oakley Nations Cup at Olympia finish arena - FREE ENTRANCE

22.00-02.00 Red Bull party at Bygget with Timbuktu, Joel Mull, Cari


Saturday March 31st

16.00-17.00 Postersigning with all riders at


17.00-21.00 Press Office, Olympia finish arena.

19.00-21.00 Jon Olsson Invitational finals at Olympia finish arena -


22.00-02.00 JOI and Red Bull final party with Million Stylez