Words & photos by Ananda van Welij

It was unfortunately another disappointing day here in Åre, Sweden at the Jon Olsson Invitational yesterday, as the rain won the battle, but the event will surely win the war. Due to the weather, the third scheduled practice session was once again cancelled, meaning that today is the final practice session followed by the first round of competition, the qualifiers.

As a result, most of the riders spend the day relaxing and entertaining themselves at the skateboard and trampoline park…

Alex Schlopy

McRae 'Spiderman' Williams

The multi-talented Russ Henshaw saying hi upside down.

Laurent 'Lolo' Favre ripped up the skate park!

Oscar, McRae, Russ, Elias and Schlopy watching Lolo rip it up.

McRae and Russ taking some time off from throwing down triples.

All the skating got the boys hungry, so it was pizza time!

Lolo making sure they will remember him at the restaurant.

After the pizza settled it was time to hit Bygget again, this time for a hip-hop concert. Elias ended up buying 20 shots before anyone hit the club to make sure it was going to be an entertaining evening. Thanks!

Drinks anyone?

Elias Ambuhl, Kevin Rolland and McRae Williams enjoying the party.

Following a very relaxing day the weather is expected to turn around for today and Saturday, so despite all the delays, everyone is in good spirits here in Åre and is amped for today’s qualifiers and Saturday’s finals!

JOI-VB_DAY4_NO NO NO GO! from Jon Olsson Video Blog on Vimeo.

For more info and updates on Jon Olsson Invitational, check out http://www.joinvitational.com.