Johnny Lazzareschi. Rail Slayer. Windells veteran. The man whose voice resonates on the megaphone better than any other. Lazz has been stopping by Windells to hang out during the summer for years, and we’re always excited to see him when he rolls up to camp. His upbeat personality is infectious, he always thinks up the most awesome sponsor nights, and, oh yeah, he inspires us constantly with his tech maneuvers on rails on hill. Lazz will be swinging by camp with the Rome SDS crew for Team Takeover Session 3, and we can’t wait! When Lazz was at camp last summer, he took the time to fill us in on his favorite parts of camp. Check it out and come shred with him and the Rome team during Session 3!

Name: Johnny Lazz

Sponsors: Rome, Volcom, 32, Arnette, Active, Skullcandy, Etnies

Where are you from: My mother

Home mountain: Northstar-at-Tahoe, California

Where do you live now: Down the street from my mother, a house, in North Lake Tahoe.

When was the first time you ever came to Windells?

When I was 15, I was a counselor-in-training working for Windells, so I could ride everyday.

When were you at Windells in summer 2011? 

For the first session, Forest Bailey, Will Bateman, Nial Romanek, and I got invited for the YoBeat Session. We had a great time because it was the best session all summer and we can?t wait to do the same thing next year.

What?s different about camp when comparing now and the first time you came here?

There is so much more skateboarding, over twenty new features on hill this year, and the most experienced digger crew in Mount Hood, Oregon. Technology has enhanced. Now I?m a grown up, but I ain?t never growing up, because I want to be a kid at Windells forever!

What was your favorite part about the park on hill?

I really loved how the diggers put everything together in such a good way, so we can have fun all day long. I liked how there were no lines on the tow ropes. I loved the new down rails, the new down flat down, the c rail, the new tube–that is probably the best tube on Mount Hood.

What is your favorite thing about Windells campus?

Is that it?s so big! You can skate everywhere! And you can go inside BOB when it?s rainy and skate!


Tell us about your event on hill last summer.

Forest, Will, Nial, and I rounded up all the little campers, creatures, crappers, and crawlers, and sessioned a line with the kids, which was a Nike 6.0 a-frame wooden box to a pole jam and kids had a great time. We threw out a bunch of gear and they were screaming and laughing and we were having a great time because the kids were stoked and we were even more stoked because it was beautiful weather. It?s just really awesome to be a part of something like this because it gives us a chance to work with kids and look back on when we were kids and how stoked we would be if some guys like us were doing that.

Thanks, Johnny! See you this summer! If you want to hang out with Lazz, sign up here!