I know, you (like most of us) think we’re beyond being told how to hold an SLR camera when taking a picture. You grab it by the grip, you cradle the lens, you hold still – and you snap the shot. Nothing could be easier. In my time around photographers (and around non-photographers who happened to be holding a camera) I’ve seen a wide array of variations on the theme. Some are just minor manipulations of a popular and sound method for taking photographs, and some are just downright strange (though not always wrong).

Joe McNally is one of my favorite photographers of all time, and he has a slightly different twist to gripping the camera, which is especially useful when taking pictures using a slow shutter speed – allowing you to regain one or possible two stops when shooting.

Even the most modern camera bodies and fastest lenses will experience a lack of light at some point. Perhaps you just want a slow shutter to help create a sense of movement or flow in your shot. Whatever the reason – this is a handy tip. Unfortunately, since Joe is left-eyed, the trick doesn’t work quite as well for right-eyed folks (like me) – but like Joe says, there are elements that even we can take from this.