Recently I went down south to Chile for my first southern hemisphere experience. This particular trip was a catalog shoot for my new clothing sponsor Eira. I was graced with the presence of two of my BFF’s and now teammates Peter Olenick and Chug. Going down there we had the idea that we would be skiing pow, building jumps and hitting cliffs. When we got there, we got the word that it hadn’t snowed in 20 days. This lead to the majority of our trip consisting of firm/icy hard packed non-pow existent snow, but hey at least it was blue bird ever day except one. That being said we had to get creative with what we were going to shoot, everything for 10ft backy jumps, to small coronus drops, to even a little urban. Luckily for us we had two amazing photographers with us who were on another level of talent with making sub-par features look awesome. Even though our conditions weren’t ideal we still made the most of the trip and had an amazing time. It was also my first time getting to try out my new Liberty’s, solid, stiff and durable that’s all that needs to be said. Hope you enjoy the couple pics…

After the plane
After the drive
After a couple beers
The all new Cadillac Escalade plus trailer
Riding Chile style with Pete
Wallriding some old abandoned building
Straight air tail, WOOOO!
Decent little mountain range
The local market
Pete and his new best friend
Poppin crystal for Chugs Bday
We even got to meet the white Rick Ross
This is our super amazing lodge that we got to stay at, Roca Negra
A night out in San Tiago for the boys...
And we were......badSpecial thanks goes our to everyone who made this trip possible, Adrian Miller and the whole crew at Eira, Scott Serfas, Jeff Andruik, Rueben and the crew at Roca Negra, Danny from Evolve Dan and the Liberty boys, and my friends for making me have bunch fun doing stupid shit!