winter, I took the semester off from college to get some skiing done, travel,

and enjoy the Colorado lifestyle beyond the confines of Boulder. I lived with

Andrew Hathaway, Matt Walker, Teddy Karlinski Pat Goodnough, and John-o (who

may have been a real-life version of McLovin).


place sat atop Mount Baldy in Breckenridge, CO


had a sick view


nice porch for late season BBQs


a snow-skate park courtesy of our neighbor, Bobby Gibbs.


at the top of Baldy was a blast. The scenery was epic, there was a constant

flow of friends passing through, and Pat continuously built road gaps, hips,

and quarter-pipes in the back yard. With Breck just across the valley, and

Keystone a casual 20 minutes away, taking the semester off proved to be a

fantastic decision.


in Breck meant no more sleeping in!!! Hath wakes up around 6am to make sure he

can eat some breakfast, bump some Deadmau5 and Benny B, and get 1st

tracks through the park. After waking up that early, it’s important to stretch.

Above, Hath demonstrates a shoulder warm-up while I warm-up my hamstrings.


cold temperatures, the jumps take a few laps to soften up. Rather than straight

air speed checks, I personally employ the spread eagle. You can do a regular



mix it up with some rotation.


grabs are a nice start as well.


it’s on! After a few hours spinning hot laps without anyone in the park, people

start to show up. The talent pool in Summit County is absurd. There are so many

unknown rippers that slaughter every feature in the park.


180s are fun, tell-a-friend


to major competitions such as US O, Aspen O, or North American Open, the parks

are flooded with the best skiers in the world, rowdy locals, and a handful of

Texans shredding the stunt ditch. After a couple weeks lapping Breck, it was

time for the Aspen Open!

Matt and Tom flossing some

cheddah after a day of having fun and stomping trickery.


was sick. Andrew Wickes and his gracious family provided us with incredible

accommodations, unbelievable hospitality, and excellent home cooked meals.  I was able to meet up with my uncle Mark for

an epic night on the town and I skied with so many friends and extended family

members of the ski community. During the contest, I broke my binding stomping a

9 and was forced to pick up a camera for the remainder of the event.

On the bright side, Keri

and Tom (pictured above) and Matt Walker took the podium! STOKED.


throughout the event, my toes were in extreme pain, even popping lips hurt!

After destroying them in Switzerland my toenails never grew back and continued to deteriorate the more I skied.

After a week in Utah with Brady, Kutcher, Tommy, Henrik, and the 4bicrew, it was

time to go to the doctor.

x-rays are played


luck would have it, my toes were shot, and according to the doctor, “it’s a

good thing you came in when you did, if you had waited another month, we would

be looking at an amputation” Thankfully, with a procedure that took about an

hour and required downtime for seven days, I was able to save my toes.


kidding, I didn’t help build the snow-woman!


healing up the toes I needed a vacation, so I ventured back to the homeland to

help build a snow-woman. It turned out really well, just peep the shot! It even

made THE NEWS!


actually our house


building the snow-woman I went back to Breck to find an empty house. Walker was

in Japan playing with snowblades and pokémon, TK4UH (Teddy Karlisinski) was

busy crushing the east coast snowboard scene, and Pat and Hath were in Big Bear

out Calee-forn-ee way.


solo laps at Breck was refreshing. As much as I enjoy sessioning with friends,

there is something genuinely enjoyable about turning up the volume on your

headphones and skiing anything you please. Despite how it appears in this

photo, Breck is home to some of the gangliest weather in Colorado. With jumping

out of the question, I was able to step up my rail game and have some fun

skiing in the snow and fog. 


the end of two weeks of solo sessioning Breck, I was shooting photos at

Loveland, missed a hand plant, and dropped onto my shoulder. With yet another

X-ray and visit to the ER: BOOM: separated AC joint.


spring break at CU was the following day. Rather spend the week healing up in

Breck, I hopped in the Athlete Lounge with a crew of friends and drove 13 hours

to Sun Valley, ID!


saw creeper vans along the way!


ran out of gas


arrived in Sun Valley in time for some grade A groomer shredding! The snow was

actually really good that week and, much to our surprise, largely

untouched.  I couldn’t ski without

jarring my shoulder, so I cruised around with my point and shoot ready to GTS.

Jack Boyd taking epic photos of our

crew shredding turns. For a complete viewing of the photos, just creep him out

of Facebook, everyone’s doing it these days! NBD.


individual that I failed to get a photo of is an elderly gentleman that used to

be a monk. He shreds in spandex, snowblades, and rocks a full beard with white

hair! If you have a picture of this guy, post it and tell his story!


and Old Greg,

preparing to drop the mini-shred cornice!


is a photo that captures things that make Sun Valley a great time: friends and

mini-cornice shred laps. Similarly, this is a website

that captures things that look like ducks. 


four days of causing a ruckus in Ketchum, ID, it was time for my friends to go

back to school and time for me to head to Keystone for the Freeskier Park Test.


up for a game of Moose? Matt sure is! If I had to use one photo to describe the

entire week, this would be it. Matt Walker, stoked to test skis in the AM.

We had a rowdy week.

Despite not being able to ski to my full potential, we destroyed Keystone, my

shoulder continued to heal, Willis learned how to live with a bad haircut, Walker crushed rodeos, Henrik got some pow turns, and Hath had a birthday! Chilling with

Freeskier was so much fun. My hard drive crashed the week before and I left my phone in the Kimmel’s

mini-whip, leaving me with zero means of communication for the week. Other than

not being able to finish online classes, being disconnected from technology was


Wallace Westfeldt     photo: Henrik Lampert


on the last day of the Freeskier Park Test, Wallace Westfeldt passed away after

a snowboarding accident in Aspen, CO. We went to college together, had many

mutual friends, and thanks to his kindness, I avoided sleeping in an alleyway

in Aspen after The Meeting. More so than anything, I will always remember how stoked Wallace

was to see me, or any of his friends.  Despite not knowing him very well, he always remembered my name, always

made it a point to say hello, and always made sure everyone was enjoying

wherever they were at all times. Whether on campus, on snow, or at an event,

Wallace put a smile on everyone’s face. Next time you are shredding laps

through the backcountry, your local park, or even a groomer, spin one for

Wallace, he was a genuine individual and loved sliding on snow.

Always doing business,

Another day in the life of Tom Wallisch.


the park test Matt and Andrew took off to Schweitzer to film with Poor Boyz.

They did a little of this, a

little of that,

and had some fun here.

During that time, some friends crashed at the house, made and edit,or two with some controversial rideaways, and I was getting stoked to travel to Mt. Hood for the West

Coast Session. Unfortunately, I rocked my shoulder AGAIN on the last day of

skiing Breck. Along with my re-injuring my shoulder, falling left me with a

severe contusion on my hand and simple tasks like picking up a glass of water

and shaking hands became difficult.  So it goes, at

least I had a long drive to heal up.




April 20th, I left our humble abode at Washington Lode and headed to

Boulder on a dirty frontage road. The next day, we would make the 19-hour drive

to Mt. Hood to shred the WCS.


plotted the route


the ski rack


some geological features


some bagels with chocolate


stayed hydrated most of the drive.


played a few episodes of South Park


taught us safe driving practices.


we stopped at the greatest (or possibly most over-advertised and least

exciting) gas station that I-80 has to offer.


Colorado, Wyoming, and the majority of Idaho on I-84 were filled with fast

roads and similar scenery. The best part of the drive turned out to be a

delicious, foot long, turkey sandwich from Subway.

nightfall in Idaho.


enough, freight trucks steadily disappeared,


started to fall, and we slowed to 25mph over the pass between Hood and Welches.

When we finally arrived at camp, it was 4:30am, we had been driving for nearly

19 hours, no one turned the heat on in the cabin, and we didn’t bring sleeping


one of the many skate

features scattered around the Windell’s complex


than spending the first night in our ski clothes, freezing and exhausted after

driving straight from Boulder, the stories of the West Coast Session are

forever set in Stone.

Windell’s is a perfect summer camp for anyone that has the opportunity to go.

For those of you that have yet to venture to ski camp, do whatever it takes to

get there, you will not be disappointed.


Stepp presents the proper way to pack a suitcase, Goblin style.


an incredible week of sessioning with friends from all over the world, the WCS

had finally come to an end and it was time for our crew to leave Windell’s for

Mammoth, CA.


than drive down central California, directly to Mammoth, we drove Route 101

down the Oregon coast, then connected with the California coastline on Route



from Idaho and Ben Moxham and their Pontiac Vibe came as well. Along with Kyle

and Ben, was the original crew from Boulder:


Martini, meeting the Pacific Ocean


Hathaway, stoked, always going fast


Matt Walker, proving how to properly text

the ladies and navigate the roadway.


than summarize the scenery on the coastal highway, here are some photos that

took place between Portland, OR and Santa Clara, CA.

I don’t know how he did it,

but Hath managed to fit 14 individual skis on the roof rack. Ballin.


this is your hometown, you should send T-shirt to a McDonald’s executive and

ask him to donate money to your town for a Skatepark.

Pacific Coast, somewhere

between Lincoln City, OR and Santa Cruz, CA

Make it a point to drive

the Pacific Highway at some point in your life.

You will see some incredible



Hathaway is a rowdy individual. Anyone that has skied a major competition,

traveled with Hath or, or had the pleasure of visiting Boulder knows what I’m

talking about. I think this sticker on the back of Hath’s Jeep is a good summation

of how he lives.

Big Tree & the Pontiac


The coastal highway passed

right through the Redwood National Forest.


after 15 hours of driving one of the most scenic highways in the world, we

arrived in Oakland and had to stop for gas.

Paying $70.30 for gas made

Hathaway a sad panda.


to the ZOO, each tenant is represented by an animal


motivation for going to Santa Clara before Mammoth was generated by Moxham. One

of his friends from home goes to school in the area and he wanted some downtime

in Cali. Rather than charge to Mammoth and pay for tickets an extra day, we

decided to roll with Ben and spend some time relaxing on the beach and chilling

in Cali.


with the beach located 40 minutes away, so we explored Santa Clara and enjoyed

a delicious lunch from the dining hall courtesy of Alex Boll.


Clara is an all right town.


delivery guys roll with the product on the front of their cars.


internet is located here!


the locals are very friendly.


plant palm trees in the front yard and…


beach and neighboring city of Santa Cruz are not too far away.


beaches can be dangerous! And if you look at the statistics closely, 92 people

drowning in the past 43 years is not very many. 


the warnings of immense danger, if anything goes wrong, a friendly surfer can

save you


perhaps a sea-lion! On a side note, next

time you’re at a place with a viewfinder, place your camera up to the eyepiece.


being very welcome and having some fun times in Santa Clara, we were restless.

Driving 15 hours and spending a day in the city gave us three days off from

skiing. So, just as a fast as we arrived, we left the shores of Santa Cruz, our

friends at Zoo house, and drove inland for Mammoth.


plan was to drive through Yosemite National Park. The only problem was that the

pass through Yosemite and nearly every mountain pass in central California are

closed due to snow. According to locals, they weren’t scheduled to open until

mid May.


Pass, CA.


Walker spotted an open sign below Monitor pass. We were stoked. It shaved off

about two hours and proved to be yet another scenic drive.


of Monitor Pass. 28 degrees with a quality sunset


clearing the pass, it was a straight shot to Mammoth. We made it to town by

11pm, got a room at the Motel 6, and passed out.



you have heard about Mammoth is true. The lifts are fast, the park is perfectly

groomed, and the weather is sunny the majority of the time.


to Sketchy Alex (pictured) and Casey Jovani (chilling on the couch in the

background) we had a place to stay for the entire time. I can’t thank these

guys enough for letting us post up!


a few days, the Utah crew arrived with Andrew Napier,


Kiesel, Willie Deblois, and Daniel Kiesel.


kills it, and he wears yellow pants, which pop in photos! Good choice Jeffery.


of course, it wouldn’t really be an update without a KANG. Despite the delayed

extension in the left foot, and the photog taking the shot too early, this is a

great kang. Good trick Jeffery!


is a great skier and has some great maneuvers. Here, Jeff shows you his cork 3

Japan. Good use of the Japan grab Jeffery!


Jordan was there as well


like always, spit hot fire on every feature in the park and ended up placing 2nd

in the Salomon Jib Academy.


even met fellow Surface rider Kevin Malone


he killed some rodeo variations.


Deblois, Casey Joviani, Jeff Kiesel, and Andrew Napier


skied Mammoth for 6 glorious days. We didn’t film until 4 days into the

excursion and had so much fun spinning hot laps through Unbound. Unfortunately,

after skiing too hard without completely resting my shoulder from previous

injuries, I fell on the last day of skiing and was forced to pick up a camera.

Thankfully, it allowed me to take photos of friends and write a story on Jib Academy.




photos is pretty fun!


Kiesel repping his OG Jiberish


a few laps, Napier’s camera died and I borrowed a gnarly set-up from Tatsuya at

BravoSKI! The lens was huge, I am very inexperienced with camera equipment, and

all the instructions were in Japanese. No Big Deal. If you were at Mammoth that

week, chances are Tatsuya has a memory card with at least one photo of you…

track him down, check out BravoSKI, and maybe he can show you a couple photos.


of the coolest parts about the mammoth nightlife are the hot springs located

amidst a labyrinth of dirt roads outside town.


scenery is great.


did some filming


we found puddles of water


next morning I made the drive to Reno, then hopped plane back to Denver for the

big up at the Basin, Hosted by Jiberish Clothing.


morning was so warm Digi Dave was able to ride his horse to the event. Here,

Digi, myself, and the horse relax and enjoy the party.


event was my favorite day of the season. So many friends were there, an

incredible Chef slathered the grill with food, Drop City (a local band from

Denver starring one of the co-owners of Jiberish) got the party started and DJ Uplifter (of the Dubwise Collective)

spun an eclectic mix of hip-hop and reggae until the lifts shut down. All food,

beverages, and entertainment were complements of Jiberish and everyone at the

event had a blast.


having toe surgery, bruising a bone on my hand, separating my AC joint,

re-injuring my shoulder twice, having a computer crash and losing all my

information, competing in Colorado and Maine, sliding rails in Utah with Henrik

and 4bi9, traveling to Idaho, shredding Breckenridge, Beaver Creek, Keystone,

Vail, Copper, Aspen, Buttermilk, Snowmass, Mt. Sunapee, NH, Sunday River,

Boulder, Sun Valley, Mt. Hood Ski Bowl, Mt. Hood Meadows, Mammoth Mountain,

Powderhorn, Glacier 3000, Park City… and a few other places; I can safely say

it was quite the adventure. In the next few weeks, I’m going to chill at home,

rest my shoulder, and prepare for another journey to Whistler.

If you’re on the glacier this summer, come say hello, chances are you’ll have

to travel to get there and you too will have a story to tell.

Big up to Chip

Kalback, Henrik Lampert, and Julie Weinberger for the photos.

A special thanks to

Nicole Birkhold for taking care of us at the Freeskier Park Test and helping me

in Mammoth.

Thank you to Walker,

Hathaway, and Martini for an epic adventure!

Thanks to Austin at

Windell’s, Brandon at Amplid, and Ethan Stone for the WCS.

Thanks to everyone

who let me stay at their place during my travels!

Big up to JIBERISH

for throwing one of the best events of the season, the support with

Super-Kang-Known, and being a great crew to work and ski with.

- Bishop