Como Estan bitches? Mike Rogge, here and I'm taking over the Jibij

team update. Josh has no choice. You have no choice. I'm not a team

member and I have absolutely no connection to the shop what so ever

but I'm here and you're going to read this shit anyway so here goes...

I arrived in Denver at 11 a.m. on Monday. When I hopped off the plane

it was 65 and sunny in Denver. I love Colorado. I love the East Coast

but really, you can't beat the weather here. After a short bus trip

over to Denver, I met up with Digi Dave from Freeskier. Believe it or

not, the Freeskier and NS crews get along famously, despite what you

may have read on certain internet forums. Dave and I grabbed an

authentic Colorado/Mexican lunch and then it was off to Jibij. On our

way, Dave pulled into the most amazing establishment these eyes have

ever seen... the drive through liquor store. We do not have such

esteemed establishments on the East Coast. Once again, I love

Colorado. I snagged up a 12er of PBR and off we went. Quick, cheap,

and easy... just like your... never mind.

When we arrived at Jibij, Digi dropped me off and headed back to the

Freeskier HQ. Apparently they actually like their employees to do

work... weird. Walking into to Jibij was a cool moment for me as

freeski only shops don't really exist on the East (aside from D

Structure) and Jibij is as core as they come. Adding to the enjoyment

is the fact that Josh is a super nice guy, always willing to talk

skiing, gear, powder, and pretty much anything you're little jibber

heart desires. He gave me a quick tour of the shop, a "Jibij is

Jawsome" shirt, then we had a few beers (I had a few beers. Josh only

drinks whiskey), and watched some old school ski flicks like

Propaganda. Man, its crazy how far the sport has come.

Before we knew it, Digi was back and we were off to CATS, a local

trampoline gymnasium. Shit went off in the gym and Josh, Dave, and I

got so hyphy and ignant, Biggie Smalls was likely rolling over in his

grave. That's just how we roll. Check out the video below but Viewer's

Discretion Advised - the shit you are about see is REAL.

Gettin' Ignant from Mike Rogge on Vimeo.

Oh and because I want to get all I can out of this, here's a little

plug for my new site, Check it out!

Thanks for reading and stay tuned to NS over the next few days for the

best coverage of the 2009 Winter X Games and the SIA Trade Show in

lovely Las Vegas!