We get a lot of customers who are unsure what to buy (parents mostly), so last week I asked some of the team to talk about their favorite gear.

Mike Broadbent:

Mack CIS jacket and Agenda pant: The Mack CIS jacket and

the Agenda pant are a great pair to have because they go just as well together

as if you mix and match with other outerwear.  The Mack CIS is perfect for

spring and winter conditions because it has a removable inner jacket so no

matter what the weather, you'll always be comfortable.  They also have

some of the best waterproofing on the market and come with all the features you

would expect from Helly Hansen.

 Team issue poles:  These poles are made with extremely high

quality aluminum that is light and durable. If you like your poles to stay

straight and intact, get these.  They also have fresh, vintage leather


Level Utah Gore gloves:  The Utah Gore gloves are awesome! 

They are duel chamber so you can choose to have more or less insulation

depending on the day.

Scott Alias Community Service goggle:  If you hate goggles that fog,

these are a good choice.  No matter how much you hike  or sweat, they

stay clear.  Also, they have really really soft face foam which feels


Scott P3 skis: A great, solid park ski.  It's also above average for all mountain skiing so it's ideal for a park or all mountain skier.

Jon Hartman:

My Bula hat keeps me nice and warm, even when  my jeans

have been soaked through and frozen for a few hours. Its all about insulating

the head.

 These Scott Alibi goggles never fog, try it im serious, they rock- and

that iridium lens on them keeps the paparatzi flashes out of my eyes while im

on the hollywood strip.

 These Scott P4's are the most gnar kill skis that i have ever been on,

i ride em everywhere; park, BC, urban, anywhere. They are light and poppy, and

the action graphic makes you always feel like you are moving wicked fast.

 hmmm, these Scott P4 poles, what can i say about these poles.... oh they

kick ass, super durable good firm grip and they're so light you don;t even know

they are there (so you can actually ride with poles)

 Finally my Jibij hoodie with the Jibij spelled out in pee, what

else can i say about this but that it is pure brilliance. i know that whenever

i go to piss in the snow i try to replicate the celing of the sisteen chappel,

but with theis hoodie i can bring my pee art with me where ever i go.

Oh and my jeans and leather jacket are so sick, $5.78 for the whole shebang, big shoutout to my other sponsor ARC (and yes kids if you didn't know, it stands for American Retarded Citizens) for hooking up the sweet used clothes that an old hobo probably died in.

Sean Jordan:

 These 4FRNT Crossfade poles are by far the

lightest poles I have ever owned. On top of them being super light, the grip is

really comfortable and the design and colors are pretty rad. Get these poles

and all you friends will be jealous.

 This is my first year on Scott skis. I have only been riding them for a

week and i like them already. Along with them being really legit on snow and in

the air, the graphic "What skis should i get" pops up.

Dan Broadbent:

These EG2's are the best goggles I've ever had,

they have a huge field of vision and they look so sick.

The Orage Morrison jacket is so perfect, its great for any weather and the attention

to detail really makes it stand out.

Even though these K2 Hellbents are beasts, they are great all over the mountain. 

It's surprising how easy and fun these skis are no matter what the conditions.

LJ Strenio:

 This year I'm skiing on a variety of different

Line skis but preseason means rails and there's no better ski than the Invader

for them, sooo buttery soo fun. It's not even an option. Rails=invaders.


Josh was nice enough to hook me up with this dope new Orage Jefferson jacket, very comfortable, very sick, standard Orage. Thanks Josh!

 Next up I'm rocking a bunch of Scott gear. The

goggles are so dope and cannot fog which is a bummer because I actually happen to

like skiing with fogged goggles but they dont do that sooo too bad. I've also

got someTeam Issue poles that are quite nice, the graphic is ill and they get the

job done.

For my dome, I'm always rocking one of the million different types of

EC Headwear hats that are all sooo sick, and if you rock a helmet during the

regular season like me, you can still charge it with like 90 percent of the

hats made by EC so get one! All in all I'm very stoked on my gear so GO TO

JIBIJ AND BUY ALL OF IT! and look like me!

Dan Grund - Jibij employee:

The SMS graph paper remix jacket and mrider pant

keep me warm and dry on even the coldest days of the season.

 The Alias Scout goggle by Scott

has a great Amplifier lens system that works in any light condition, and has a good

looking graphic.

 And I keep it fresh with my Jiberish tall beenie.
I’m mounting

my pair of 4FRNT TNKs with 412 Deadbolts. They are a really great park ski,

super poppy with a great flex.

Josh Bishop:

Military Jacket &


I have never been more impressed with

the functionality, style, and fit of ski clothing. From everything to bluebird

skies, to hiking -9 Celsius temperatures, the military jacket and pant keeps me

warm, dry, and skiing until last chair everyday. My suit is wind proof! While

other athletes were getting chilled from the elements, I was able to ski lap

after lap, perfectly comfortable in my clothes.

An added bonus to this outfit is their

use of hidden pockets. Everything from goggle wipes, to I-Pod pockets, to

secret places to stash your valuables can be found in the jacket and pant. My

favorite feature is the pocket for the goggle wipe. The pocket is fully

integrated into the hood and provides easy access to your goggle wipe while

skiing.  Rather than dig through your

chest pockets and expose yourself to the elements, the goggle wipe can be

easily accessed without taking your gloves off!

This is the first suit I've worn that

fits properly. Given that clothing is a tremendous part of style, wearing the

Military suit allows my shots to POP on film. If you are looking for a suit

that fits well, looks great on film, and is absolutely bomb proof on the

gnarliest of days, the Helly Hansen Military Suit is for you.

Scott Riot


The colors on the Riot poles provide a

fresh alternative to the standard matte black that most companies produce. They

stand out on film, add style to an otherwise piece of boring equipment, and

feel great in your hand. The Riot poles are very light, very strong, and

perfect for park skiing.



After an entire day of hiking, the

Alibi goggle NEVER fogs. I'm really impressed with the amplifier technology,

the comfort, and the venting system in the goggles. Along with being

technically sound, the goggle looks sick and the different lenses POP on film.

The peripheral vision that the Alibi proides is superior to other goggles and

the spherical lens looks great in photos. If you feel limited by your goggles

fogging, or not being able to see well in flat light, the Scott Alibi is a

great solution.

SURFACE Watch Life:

Buttery, very solid on jumps, and perfect for slaying park. At

183, this ski is 90mm under foot and provides a perfect base to stomp tricks on

big jumps. I'm really impressed with how light and poppy this ski is. While in

the park, having a versatile, ski with fast edge to edge control, and a

light swing weight is ideal. If you're into stomping your landing, buttering

into rails, and having a ski you can take beyond the park, then this ski is for you!

Hopefully these gift ideas helped you decide what to buy, or ask for.  If you still can't decide, we offer Jibij Gift Cards, perfect for anyone.

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