JibTest in Ottawa!

Graphic Design: Mikee

Press Release: lanks

Final exams are just a few weeks away at

Carleton University, but the biggest test on campus will be of a different

genre altogether. On April 1st of this year, 25 skiers and 25

snowboarders will have their rail sliding skills put to the ultimate test on a

custom built jib setup all afternoon and into the evening.  And in conjunction with the hours and hours

of jibbing, Apple and Rogers Wireless will be on hand to demo their latest

technological wonders. The evening will then be capped off with hours of

debauchery and prize giveaways inside Oliver's Pub.

The timetable for the day will begin with a

study session early on in the afternoon, which will enable everyone to cram as

many runs as they can on both the 24 foot down rail and the 25 foot double

kink. The midterm exam will feature all 50 participants, with a mere 10 skiers

and 10 snowboarders passing, and qualifying for the final exam. At the end of

it all, $1000’s worth of prizes will be up for grabs for the day’s greatest

achievers, as well as a handful of spots in the commencement ceremony that

evening (which incidentally come with your very own graduation caps!).

After the day’s graduates are recognized at

the commencement, the focus will shift to the JibTest afterparty at Oliver’s

Pub, our favourite campus watering hole. It is one of the final nights that

Oliver’s will be fully open, ever, so Kokanee has fully jumped on board and

will be making sure the night will be one you won’t forget. Errrr, yeaah. As

well, many of your favourite NS admins and celebrities alike will be on hand to

show you a good time. We’re looking to sell out the bar like we did with our

premiere in the fall, so don’t miss out.

In conclusion, if you feel you’re at the

top of the class in jibbing, sign up for JibTest quickly, as there are a mere

25 spots available for skiers (email CURAILJAM@yahoo.ca

for more info). And for everyone who is of age and wants to get buckwild, come witness

the rail jam, pick up a $5 ticket, and go nuts at the afterparty. We’ll even

bribe you with the possibility of literally tons and tons of free stuff inside

the bar! Hope to see you all there.