That’s right, you read the title of this article correctly, Jib Life is here, and we will tell you how you can get it shortly. But first, here's a video with some much awaited game play footage...

So now that you've seen that the game is quite real, and hopefully you're stoked, you're probably you can get it? Just go ahead and click on this link. But before you check that out, keep reading, as we have created something very unique for the Newschoolers community that will only be available for a limited time.

A quick note about Kickstarter... As many of you know, it is a crowd sourced funding option for a variety of different project ideas. We chose Kickstarter because it lets us design some very unique packages that we can offer you and they make everything simple for us. Choose your reward level, click pay, and boom, you're’s that simple.

We set our goal low, at $30,000, but with your help we hope to raise much more so we can really kick ass with the game in the following months and nearly quadruple the content we currently have. There are enough rewards for everyone, and some that will only last for a very short time due to the exclusivity of them, so snake up what you can and please share this campaign with all your friends. Peep what we have as an Newschoolers reward option below. You can see the jacket and skis equipped on a female character below (and yes, it's available on the male character too, as well as a snowboard version). There will only be 250 of these in the game EVER, so scoop one while you can by clicking here! (And keep in mind that it comes with all the prior reward tiers and a full build of the game.)

We also could not have done this without Camp of Champions... Ken and I got talking early last year and he could not have been more stoked on what we had going on. We cannot thank them enough for stepping in and sponsoring two maps, as well as all of the early development of the game. Not only that, he flew the crew out to camp for a week so we could see how kick ass it was for ourselves. We are super excited to be working with such an incredible place, and we have some very exciting things under wraps in regards to their second map. If you're considering a camp this summer we will be back out there again doing a bunch of fun stuff, so scoop up a session whenever you have the opportunity, as it is truly the most fun place in the world to be a skier or snowboarder.

“What we like about Jib Life is that it's a bunch of ski/snowboard dirties like us making this rad game that's going to blow people's minds. It’s going to be really cool for people to ride our park at home in the middle of winter. So forget second life, this is Jib Life!” - Ken Achenbach, Camp of Champions Founder

We will be opening up a thread in Ski Gabber in the next few days to let you all ask questions about whatever you're curious about, including the campaign, the game itself, etc, and we have included a quick Q&A below along with some visuals.

Why did the game take so long to finally get released?

The simple answer for this is that we wanted to do it right and we refused to sell out to developers/publishers who would not let us make this game the way WE wanted to and the way it NEEDS to be made.

Where does the game stand now?

We are strictly focusing on rails right now and dialing in the physics and controls behind them. This is one of the main reasons why we are opening the game up at such an early stage...because we want your feedback! This game is for all of us, and we want to perfect each aspect of it, and bring the players along for the ride. Once we have rails on lock, we will move onto jumps, all while constantly adding new content to the game world so it’s never a dull experience. Once jumps are perfected, we will tackle big mountain, as our goal for this game is to encompass everything skiing/snowboarding-related and make it the absolute best it can be.

What’s the future look like after the Kickstarter campaign is done?

Upon completion of the Kickstarter campaign, we look to be well on our way to adding snowboarding to the game, have a few fully fleshed out maps ready to be played, as well as working to polish up the final rail physics/animations/controls so we can hit the ground running into the next stages of development.

We will leave it at that for now, but look out for the thread in Ski Gabber, and before we close we want to give a huge shout out to some of the other brands who have stepped in to help make this happen...

Outdoor Technology - Big shout out to Mike and OT, they have been a huge driving force and motivation for us over the past few months. We dropped a hint that they will be doing some big stuff for us in the teaser video, and we are going to leave it at that for now. Rest assured mad kids will be getting hooked up and we have something very very fun in store for how it will be happening.

Sugarbush Parks - Not much to say, other then the entire crew there kicks complete ass and have been so stoked on the project. They have also managed to build the most kick ass park we have ever had the pleasure of lapping on the east. Tony, you're the shit, keep it up.

Newschoolers - The most obvious shout out... We literally would not have the drive to push through all the bullshit that goes into a game if it wasn’t for all of you. Haters aside, 99% of you have been completely stoked, and those vibes have pushed us past all the crap to finally bring you something playable.

Past Sponsors/Supporters - Just a quick shout out to the brands that provided serious motivation and drive for us in the past. Jiberish, Saga, Tingas Hats, Ski The East, Meatheads, and Sick Stickz. Thank you all for the kind words and encouragement over the years. We know there was a lot of doubt, but we appreciate that you didn’t let us see it and kept the stoke levels high.

Click here or on the logo above to check out Jib Life's Kickstarter Project and help them hit their mark!