Words and photos by Mike La Anyane

The fourth annual JibFest at Georgian College in Barrie, Ontario went down on Oct. 1, 2004. It was an event run by SRO (Ski Resort Operarions) students at the college for skiers and snowboarders.

The day started early, with people lining up to get the last remaining open spots in the competition. Banners, mats and other necessities were set up and the crowds started rolling in. The setup was a bit of a let down, however, as the top-secret rail turned out to consist of a flat rail that was approximately 20-30 feet long, a snow covered wooden in-ramp and a sketchy looking platform made of scaffolding. Riders were greeted at the end of the rail with a short landing and a four event staff holding large sections of padding (to stop them from running into the fence).

As mid-day approached, things got completely underway. Competitors began practice runs, sponsors and vendors handed out freebies and the occasional band played in the background. The riders began with pretty stock slides on the rail, but one by one, begun to up the stakes. 270 ons and offs came first, then the switch ons (which I assume were a lot harder than you might think, due to the challenging in-run). By the end of the day, riders were several spiffy things like 270 on to 270 off to name just a few.

First place went to Tom Dolozel who made the best of the flat rail with his switch-ups. The prize for first was a brand new pair of 04/05 Salomon Teneighties. Second and third prizes were a snowskate and a pair of goggles, which went to Andy Stewart and Dave bishop respectively.



1. Tom Dolozel

2. Andy Stewart

3. Dave Bishop


1. Denise J

2. Jodi Cooke

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(video by Ayrton Dirk and Corey Vanderploeg)

Andy Stewart.

Charles Grant.

The winners.

Denise Jaworsky.