words & photos: cko

Day Three of the Jib Academy finale got off to a bit of a slow start with high winds and cloudy skies during the early morning hours, and while the sun did make a long appearance at the end of the day, the winds were high enough to shut down the lifts around midday for an hour or so.

Team Japan getting some shots on the down rail.
Andrew Hathaway
Matt Walker

Not that it deterred any of the riders who were today joined by Simon Dumont, while Sammy C left this morning to continue his never-ending travels. Since the wind was inconsistent at best, the kids took to the jib line and smaller jumps lower down on the mountain. Simon's presence definitely upped the amount of front flips being thrown, including Bobby Brown's double off the last jump.

Kangs were in full effect

As were trains...

After jibbing and hucking until they closed the lifts, the crew headed down to Mammoth Lakes for a soccer game between the Jib Academy winners and the pros and Salomon staff. It was a pretty entertaining game in the end and the match proved many times over that you can in fact play soccer in a tall-tee.

The Jib Academy Winners

Tomorrow brings the final day on snow, dinner in town, the wrap up ceremony, and another attempt by me to get some video up. Weather is looking great so hopefully everyone will be stoked to throw down for the cameras and of course the title of Jib Academy Winner for 2008.

Jenny Naftulin, Mike Douglas, and Kaya Turski

Alexi Godbout working on some new rotations and still managing to look at the camera