At just 23 years of age, Sweedish Freeskier Jesper Tjäder has made quite the name for himself since his part in Field Production's Supervention (2013) put him on the map back in 2013. Over the past 5 years, Jesper's movie parts and edits have had some insane gravity-defying moments, and I've compiled five of his greatest- year by year.

When I think about the original Supervention (or Jesper for that matter), this is the shot that immediately springs to mind. Supervention really put the then-rookie on the map, and lucky for us, this huge underflip gap to skinny down rail was just the beginning for Jesper.

Fast forward to Nine Knights in 2014, where Jesper sent one of the largest double backies we have ever (and probably will ever) seen. The gap he sent is around 180 feet (55 meters)- which is so big that merely watching him straight air it makes me lose my shit, let alone his double backflip POV.

In 2015, after getting bored of average parks and slopestyle courses, Jesper teamed up with Red Bull to build his dream playground. After 6 weeks of scheming and building, he was able to shoot some of the most ridiculous tricks both onto and off of various features. The entire Unrailistic edit is insane and it is near impossible to choose just one trick from the shoot. But shown below is one of the biggest tricks from the edit- his dub 1170 mute off the up rail.

2016 brought Supervention II, and an entire new level of creativity. Picture your wind up hot wheels doing their loops on your plastic race tracks circa 1995. Now picture doing that on skis. What started as a doodle in a notebook, Jesper went on to build and slay this custom feature. It's pretty hard to argue that this isn't the craziest loop variation done on skis to date.

Last but not least comes from his most recent edit from Saas-Fee. While the pov footage isn't the best way to gauge exactly what he did, it's either wizardry or insanity, and certainly not out of the norm for him. I think it can only be described as a pretzel dub of some sorts, but I'm waiting for the second angle just like you.

Which is Jesper's most insane trick? Vote below!