This past summer we introduced Jeremy Estorga to the Saga Fam and it has been downhill ever since. Jerm recently caught up with Jeremy via a formal Linkdin chat (because that’s what mature business people do) during his pre-season time in Mammoth, CA. Now go put a suit and tie on for your profile picture and sign up for Linkdin. Interview by JERM Photos from Windells Camp and respected owners.

-  What brought you to saga?  A very good friend of mine was riding for Saga at the time. He was staying with me in mammoth for the spring time and Austin came to visit. I liked the new outerwear that they were coming out with so I got super stoked. Talked to Austin and got on.-  Where will you be riding this winter?  With a change of plans and it being so hard to find cheap rent in Mammoth, I’m going to be going back and forth between Mammoth and Big Bear for the fall, then at the end of December heading to the Mid-West to do some filming in Ohio and Michigan.  Coming back to Mammoth in the Spring along with some trips to Salt Lake City.
-  Any plans to become a tennis pro if snowboarding doesn?t pan out?  If I plan on becoming a tennis pro, I would just ask my dad’s tennis partner Gene Wilder to teach me.-  haha yes! so whats the story behind this Gene Wilder?  Well, when I was little I loved watching the original Charlie and the Chocolate factory. One day my dad just came home and told me he plays tennis with him. I was so stoked about it. I told all my friends at school that my dad played tennis with Willy Wonka!
-  What is a guilty pleasure of yours that you like to keep quiet about, i.e. twilight, my little ponies, etc?  Taking various pictures of my cats in different settings/ background drops. Big fan of Harry Potter, actually Austin and I saw the last Harry Potter twice this year this past summer alone, but I have seen it about six times. I also like to cook a lot, for my girlfriend.-  What?s your favorite cat costume?  My favorite cat costume would probably be  the Zombie cat because when their still dressed up as a zombie, they’ll follow you, so you can run from zombie cats in your house for hours.  Also the Charlie Chaplin look is a good look for some black and white cats.
-  What are your thoughts on this  I think it?s awesome! My mom has two white cats at her house and I have always wanted to dye them blue and green. I’ve seen it done to rats. Its not like it hurts them. It?s more of a fashion statement, but with your cat.
-  If you had to get a tattoo of one of the Saga family?s faces on you who would it be, and where and why?  Decisions, I would either put Niki Keefer?s face on my heart because he is the coolest person ever, hands down, or Austin’s face on my arm with a heart and letters spelling out “MOM” just to have a tattoo of Austin.-  Give me a run down of your dream season.  My dream season would be to film a super awesome video part/edit for the 2011/2012 season. I want to hit some street stuff in Mammoth for November and December. A lot of people don’t think Mammoth has street spots, but there is some crazy stuff here that no one has really seen. Then in January, I want to go to Detroit with my friend Oliver. We want to film at this plaza with so many different spots inside. I’ve only seen the People crew go there once and the trick wasn’t even landed, It’s big. Then hopefully come back and film nothing but pow with the exception of going to Salt Lake a couple times.Thanks Austin, Sean and the rest of the Saga family for everything! It’s awesome!Cats of Anarchy