We talked about his upbringing in Vancouver playing a lot of baseball while being a weekend warrior. Getting into skiing in his teens and being hooked on freeskiing went he first when to High North summer camp in Whistler.

Going to film school while starting his own company, Theory 3 media, with which he produced 6 movies.

Joining Poor boyz productions to work on their classic ''Everyday is a saturday'' and ''revolver''.

Then, working for multiple years with Mike Douglas on Salomon freeski TV and more recently working a lot with the Blank collective crew.

It was a really great chat with Jeff talking about skiing, filmmaking and a bunch of other stuff.

Episode presented by Axis boardshop, Planks clothing , J skis and Treefort lifestyles

TLDR; how much of a boss is he? well, if you go touring with him, he'll get to the top before you, with his 60lbs backpack full of gear. and throw a backie while he waits for you.

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