o it has been a while and with good reason. The past few days the Black Diamond crew has been exploring the vasts of Hokkaido. Recently we stumbled upon "el dorado" the remnants of an old mining area of which the location is to be withheld from the general public until further notice :). Perhaps once this next snow runs through we will be able to film some there and expose it.Other than that I have been skiing pow and lots of it the past few days. We got an awesome night session at Hirafu and an even better day at Teine for which I can thank Clay for properly introducing me. Definitely a bit sketchy since any slope you touched instantly slabbed but luckily nothing significant other than a cornice propagating in front of me which tumbles down and hits me in the video...March looks like it is going to be get the little work there is to be done and take some time for the Black Diamond crew to get some shots. The snow is going to come and we have numerous adventures planned with our own crew, Field Productions, and Meathead productions. Stoked for everyone here and hope to update more!http://vimeo.com/20673059