Coming from Utah, I had some pretty high expectations for snow. I now understand why people fly halfway across the world from one of the greatest freeskiing meccas to come to Japan. There is a reason that Niseko has been at the top of the global snow forecast on for the past 5 days. Being in the center of it all here at the Black Diamond Lodge every morning has been at least a foot or so of fresh over night. Everyone at the lodge has been saying "this is the best day of my life" every day. We have had well over 6 feet of snow since the storm started and it still is coming down hard. Amazing light fluffy snow has left everyone with a smile. The Black Diamond Lodge crew has been going out on the shred mission and although we have been super busy we expect to get a lot done in the coming few days. Even our cook, Ryo hucked his biggest cliff ever and used his inner ninja to boost. I don't have any video at the moment but I have a tease with some pictures. We had a nice 5 minute break of sun before it started dumping again and I snapped some shots with the GoPro. The next few days should be epic as we expect to start work on our very own terrain park at the lodge (which beats out most of Niseko's usually), build some kickers, do some sledding, and slay some fluffy untouched pillows. If you are in Japan and want to come out with us check out I also did a virtual tour of the lodge which can be found on our facebook page: have some super cheap tour options and legit guys to go out with. They are really fun and they will show you the good spots which are very hard to find in Japan otherwise as I have discovered. Looks like after a very grim start this season is going to be an amazing one. Here are some pictures in the meantime:

Flat 3 off "Stumpy's"
The Lodge Entrance
Future site of the terrain park and some snow piledddd up.