Video: Five Eyes Films

Words: Erme Catino

This past winter good friend and local videographer Nate Steinbauer fled the hills of Vermont and embarked on a 15 month journey throughout the Pacific with his girlfriend Stephanie.  Last winter Nate was our primary cinematographer for Electric Slides presented by Ski The East.

With a summer spent working on a local vineyard, and moving back in with the folks to save even more loot, the couple set their sights on the Far East and the North Island of Japan in early January.  Japan?s North Island and towns of Niseko and Hakuba are known for incredible amounts of consistent snow, and it seems that now every ski movie has a Japan segment.  With deep pow and terrain strikingly similar to the mountains of Vermont, it really looks like an East Coast fantasy.

Nate and Steph have been documenting their trip through their website, though this is the first installment of their video series.  To see more of their adventures check out:

It is no wonder that with Nate’s video skills combined with Steph’s journalism background they are easily putting together an amazing travel blog.  Enjoy the video, our thoughts and prayers are with Japan.