The sun has been out, the park looks sick, and the jump line is bangin! Below are some pics. We had a rebuild of the first jump (35ft to knuckle) the second jumps at (45ft & 35ft sidecar) and the third at (60ft & 45ft sidecar) The lower half of the park has been filling in as well with the C boxes, larger Telus rails ( tall flat down, 40 down) and C rails. The DC Spinner tire, and the Gong are up on some pyramids, tons of rebuilds, tons of features, Kiddie Park is in great shape, and the construction of our Skier/Boarder Cross Track has begun. You can look for the lower Rhythm section to get going as well for this week Come check it out!

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And a build vid.

Night Builds in the Park from SS Terrain Park on Vimeo.