Location: Teton Pass, Wyoming

Ryan Cruze is the winner of January's Line of the Winter contest. For his efforts, he will take home a cool $1,000 and the right to claim one of the best lines of the season.


Here's what Ryan had to say about his run:

"That morning started around 5 am in Downtown Jackson. Myself and three good friends hiked up the Teton Pass boot pack for a chance at untouched turns for sunrise. We were lucky to be the first on top since it's almost impossible to get ahead of the Pass locals that get after it everyday up there. We were dropping in on main Glory Bowl and the footage you can see that the storm snow was not very well bonded, causing a few small, manageable slough slides on the way out the exit. This is actually near a line that has caused some controversy this year when someone broke off a small avalanche onto the road, causing some serious issues. It was definitely not the most technical line of the season so far, but one of the more beautiful fresh pow laps I've ever had, and still managed to get first chair that morning over at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort!"