On Saturday, 12 year old Troy Podmilsak became the youngest person on skis to send a triple and stomp the living shit out of it. Now, I know future spins aren't everyone's cup of tea (I'm no fan of them in most circumstances) but there is no denying the skill needed to pull this off whether you're 12 or 22. Once the video began to circulate, many people were quick to comment, "What the fuck?!", "This is fuckin' sick!", "@stevestepp boi you're ass", some variation of " @tagyourfriends we should #StopSkiing" amongst other comments.

In addition to the positive and neutral comments, you had the crowd hating on a fucking 12 year old saying, "Where is the style nowadays?" or "The evolution of skiing is too focused on spinning and too little on style." Last time I checked, there were very few 12 year olds who were styling out like BDog or guys from The Bunch. Yes, you're entitled to your opinions and this is the internet but telling a 12 year old he has no style and should stop skiing is whack.

Enter Jacob Wester. Last time he was in the Newschoolers spotlight, he was hating on Jon Olsson about driving Lambos on glaciers. I fully agree with his statement about #ArmchairSkiers and the lack of praise for TPod.