At the beginning of the year MSU has a one day deal for a 6 day pass at Jackson Hole. I bought one last year and it was very much worth it. While I was in NZ I called and reminded Alannah to pick me up one also. Its a good thing I remembered to do that because Lonna and I had an excellent time in Jackson this season. Jackson itself is only about 4 hours away from Bozeman so its rather easy to get down there for a weekend of shred. We went down three separate weekends with the last weekend being the deepest. Jackson is easily one of my favorite spots in the world :)

Jackson Hole slackcountry in the backgound....epic
Lonna, ain't she adorable??
Warm up line on Cody Peak
3rd try, finally got it...I was getting sick of hiking...
Little shifty on the warm up line
I think Lonna shredded this harder than a lot of the dudes