What’s up Newschoolers it's Benny Schmitt from Tahoe,

I wanted to show you some shots and a little story about the event… The event was called JPI and was held @ Boreal resort on the 13th of October. It was sick!!! Riders came from all over: the East Coast, Northwest, Colorado, Utah, and of course a couple of rippers from Tahoe. It started out With Matt Connelly on the turntables mixing it up and getting the vibe going. It then slowly developed into a sick practice round, comparable to any rail contest I had ever seen. With three grand on the line, friends and I really were not bothered having not touched snow in months. True talent prevails! After some pretty exciting tricks and a hand full of bodies sliding down the stairs, one of those bodies being mine, it was time to watch Iberg’s new film. The film was sick besides the screen collapsing, which seemed to take forever to get back up and going. The long wait, cold weather, and the fact that I had not skied in months made my muscles cold and sore. The finals started and you could tell everyone had gotten cold because just about everyone was getting stair massages left and right. After 45 minutes the jam was over and the judges felt Ian Cosco was the most consistent and had the best rail dancing maneuvers over-all. He was also three grand richer! Big-ups to everyone how laid there bodies on the line for the enjoyment of random Tahoe Locals and fellow shredders. The event all in all was super fun and a good kick-off to the season: good people, good music, good skiing, A huge @$$ bonfire, and one hell of a party. These some photos of me getting down and being thrown down hard. Hope to see y’all soon.