The official trailer to JOURNAL

It is that time of year. The releaseof our updated/official trailer. I waited a bit longer than normal because Iwanted to have a large portion of the movie complete (80percent-ish)for the bestrepresentation of the actual movie. So if you enjoy the trailer you will enjoythe movie.You can check out for the trailer links. We also have afew deals for the pre-order. Anyhow, hope you enjoy it because we had a pretty funseason

Synopsis: Poor Boyz Productions, with Theory-3 Media and Jeff Thomas presentJOURNAL, a visual chronicle of the 2008 winter season. Theory-3'sJOURNAL – theblueprint of our season - follows Theory-3's different crews and how they reactto day-to-day filming, travel, weather, and the many disciplines within skiing.Trips, locations, timelines and our unique mix of athlete’s makeup thisblueprint.Starring: Charley Ager, PY Leblanc, Frank Raymond, Max Hill, Alexis Godbout,Joe Schuster, Dane Tudor, Christian Boucher, Brandon Kelly, Josh Stack, RileyLeboe, Cedric Tremblay, Matt Margetts, James Heim & Anthony Boronowski.Shot on Location: Whistler BC, Mt Baker / Mt Baker National Forest WA, MtCain & Vancouver Island BC, Revelstoke BC, Kamloops BC, Nelson BC, Red Mtn/ Rossland BC, The Great Lakes ONT, Pemberton BC, Golden BC, Eastern WA, VancouverBC, Schweitzer ID, Mammoth CA, just to name a few.Sponsored by: SBCSkier Magazine, Whistler Brewing Co.,, Carrera Sport, Sun Ice,Line Skis, Salomon Sports, The Longhorn Saloon, Moment Skis, F-Stop CameraBags, Mt Baker Ski Area, Red Resort & Whistler Blackcomb