JOURNAL - Christmas Special and joining w/PBPIn the spirit of Christmas, and the fact that Theory-3 Media is done for now I am offering some Christmas deals on the products, new and old.Special#1JOURNAL ($27.95) This includes:JOURNALAn Issue of SBC Skier MagazineSalomon BandanaSpecial#2JOURNAL ($37.95) + Other Theory-3 VideoThis includes:JOURNALPNW, photoplay, Safety Meeting or Breathe and StopAn Issue of SBC Skier MagazineSalomon BandanaSpecial#3JOURNAL ($49.95) + ALL Other Theory-3 Videos - Thats 5 MoviesThis includes:JOURNALPNW, photoplay, Safety Meeting & Breathe and StopAn Issue of SBC Skier MagazineSalomon BandanaThere also other deals with PBP movies at

If you are interested in learning more about JOURNAL, and what is going on with Theory-3, check out the interview on here at NS to everyone that has supported Theory-3, a big thanks to the athletes, past and present, and thank you to all of the sponsors, and all the people that helped make Theory-3 what it was.Until next year.-jeff