Interview by Jeff Schmuck

Photos by Dan Brown

Well the moment has finally arrived Jon. After a few false starts along with a whole lot of impatience and foaming at the mouth from everyone who didn’t have the pleasure of being at the JOSS Awards and is dying to see the videos, they’re about to be released. What are your plans for releasing them to the masses?

(laughs) Well I had a bunch of plans, but we have not been killing it in terms of plans so far. I have had people leak them on different places and doing stuff that they should not do. Then when we went to release the first video "the techies" posted Team America instead of Team USA, and as soon as we got that fixed I got an email from Team USA saying that they don’t have the rights for the beat in their song (which is why it was taken down). So I did have some plans but I've had to throw them out the window. I thought JOSS was over and I would not have to stress, but now it's been over 14 hours since I last ate.

Jon at the JOSS Awards

Why release the videos one at a time as opposed to all at once?

Just because of the size of the files. The servers we use would not be able to handle it if we released them all at once, so I apologize to all the fans out there that hate me for not releasing them at the same time, but with the size of the files we have and the number of people that are going to watch them, that is the only way to do it.

Josh Berman & Simon Dumont

Can you give everyone some insight as to why there’s been a bit of a delay in getting them online?

There are a few reasons.

1) I needed to sleep for 48 hours after the event, I was dead!

2) Converting all the files. We are dealing with NTSC, PAL and Red formats, and the editors have gone away to shoot other things. Basically it's sucked getting these files ready for the internet (laughs). But considering you wait one year for a ski movie I hope that people can wait one week for JOSS movies.

3) Music rights. Most guys don’t get rights for their music when they throw edits online, but I want to make it the right way and I have to say that the whole music thing has been a crazy nightmare. To have the first team's video go online and five minutes later get an email from them telling me they don’t have rights makes it even worse.

Basically, doing all of this might seem simple, but it's actually easier to produce the actual event compared to all the after work. I truly hate this part of JOSS, and Olivia hates it 1000 times more then me ;)

a scene from Team Down Under's video, which you can check out below...

What is the order of how the videos will be released?

Last place finisher first, then second last and so on, until we at last show the winning video from Team Norway.

What would you like to say to everyone out there now that the vids are going to be made available?

Just sit back and enjoy!

Team Down Under: Jossi Wells, Russ Henshaw, Kris Ostness, Rob Norman, & Tony Harrington