After a pretty intense 14 days of shooting and editing, my work here is done.  All of our work has been widdled down to a 5 minute video.  I ended up staying awake for 46 straight hours in order to get the editing done, but I made it happen.  After just 3 real hours of sleep, I still feel a bit cloudy, but no more stress. I hope that our video hits hard, as we are all a bit numb to it having worked on it for two weeks straight.  Tonight is the awards ceremony, where all of the videos wil be revealed in a theater packed full of several thousand people.  Should be good.  I’ll put the video up here soon after that.

I am stoked on our team, we more than make up for our lack of gear and budget with creativity and personality.  Here is a photo of Johnny Decesere, shooting with the Oakley RED One camera ($17,500), just to show you what I am up against.