Funny that I was the only skier on the bus besides Jon and the only one not on a team.
Shay and Clarke just partying with beers
Shay and some hot chick, ha ha
Hot chick trying to cover her face while making shay look like a pimp
Our favorite girl to party with, and shays Swedish teacher
Clarke with bunch beers
Looks like some of them ended up on him
Looks like I got some on my face
Bobby with a strumpet, ha ha.
TJ making out with a hot ass model
Luke doing what he does best
Team Canadia, 3rd place
Team Sweden, just chilling ready to drink some bubblie
The star of team USA
Nate and Peterman
Simon, no shirt as usual for the time of night
Shay will, and no shirt time
Nate with a chick who looks super happy cause she knows he cant close and so she wont have to hang out with him anymore
Luke about to shoe
Tyler and JF Cusson, the ledgend
John always knows how to get a chick wet
Tyler sans shirt
Lo Lo getting crazy with the double fisting
Shay stoked as
Symms is Drunnnkkk
Chug, i wonder what he is yelling. CHEEEEAAAAAA