Good news for all freeski fans: One of the best freeski movies of the season is now available to the general public. Gore-Tex JOB In Space presented by Marker Völkl, the film that won Best European Movie and the Coup de Coeur Award at iF3 Europe and Montreal respectively, can now be downloaded on iTunes. It’s a viewing experience that is not to be missed! Of the five creative and inspiring segments, particularly watch out for the final one by German director Daniel Seideneder, which was voted Best Segment by audiences and judges during the first five stops of the JOB movie tour.

The International Freeski Film Festival (iF3) in Innsbruck was another highlight for the Junkies On a Budget project. With the honor of being the final screening of the event, Gore-Tex JOB In Space presented by Marker Völkl once again excited the audience to ecstatic cheers. Following the screening, all of the votes for Best Segment were tallied, and newcomer to the freeski scene, Daniel Seideneder, took home the top spot. The hugely successful premier tour throughout Europe brought the concept of JOB to the masses, and movie goers from Montreal to Stockholm agreed; this concept has a bright future. Most of the screenings were packed to the rafters, and in Stockholm and Innsbruck freeski fiends even filled the aisles. At each screening the audience got to vote for their favorite segment in the movie, along with four specialists from the freeski and cinematography scene. Innsbruck saw the culmination of this incredibly democratic system, where all of the votes from every screening were tallied.

Although it was a close outcome, the winner at the end of the day was the team of Daniel Seideneder, who impressed judges and the audience alike with miniature time-lapse effects of the Nine Knights castle, ultra slow motion footage, sleek editing and great sound. The segment can only be described as beautiful, and captures the vibe of Nine Knights perfectly, which is quite astonishing considering that Daniel and his team had never filmed or edited freeski footage before. For this achievement, the team won a BMW X1 for the season; quite an apt reward, and one can only hope that they use it to cruise around the Alps this winter to capture some more freeski footage.

JOB In Space – The Spirit Trailer

Having someone from outside of the freeski Industry win the award for Best Segment, while surprising, sums up the Junkies On a Budget ethos; it’s about breaking boundaries and finding new ways to approach established ventures. For those who haven’t seen the movie yet, you have to see it to fully understand it. Check it out at one of the remaining dates of the JOB premier tour – dates can be found on the Junkies on a Budget Facebook page – or download it on iTunes right now.

JOB In Space – The Action Trailer

For more information on Junkies on a Budget, check out, and to download Job in Space on iTunes, click here.