The second trailer for the freeski film event of the year, Gore-Tex JOB In Space presented by Marker Völkl is now online! Other than a further taste-test of the breathtaking imagery that freeski fans will be able to enjoy to the fullest this Fall, the edit offers an intriguing insight into the complex behind the scenes work that went into the masterpiece. Numerous top athletes and some of the most progressive film makers of the action sports scene took part in this extensive project, and to transform all the pieces into a seamless and engaging film, a seriously talented production crew worked tirelessly for over a year on this unique idea.

Photo by Klaus Polzer

To send five innovative filmmakers out to shoot impressive film of the best freeskiers is one thing. To keep control of the resulting creative chaos of five completely different approaches and implementing them into an engaging film, is something completely different. Junkies on a Budget is the brainchild of Innsbruck Sport and Lifestyle Agency: The Distillery. The difficult task of organization and art direction of the first film of the JOB project fell on the shoulders of The Distillery’s Jan Schötler, an experienced designer and producer that has made his home in Tirol for the last three years due to his passion for mountains and snow.

Photo by Lars Charl

The cinematic translation of the plot was generated by Jan out of the deep creative pool in the capital city of the Alps, Innsbruck, where he also sourced the young filmmaker Clemens Purner. Together they figured out how to combine the different concepts of the five film crews into a cohesive whole, braiding the loose ends into a tight plot. The result is a futuristic space saga about a stranded extraterrestrial astronaut, who must complete an odyssey on the winter planet he has crash landed on.

What might look a little strange on paper, works unbelievably well in the movie. The plot framework was filmed by Clemens Purner together with Wildruf Medienkollektiv and Motion Artist Clemens Wirth, who also built the sweet rocket. The adventure of the astronaut and naturally all the epic ski action will be available for your viewing pleasure in the first film of the JOB Project at the start of Autumn. Clemens and Jan not only put their organizational and artistic talents to work, as throughout the complex production they clocked countless kilometers on their BMW X1, traveling all around the Alps to stay up to date with all the various production teams.

The second trailer of Gore-Tex JOB In Space presented by Marker Völkl impresses not only with its beautiful imagery but also with its sheer variety. Stay tuned during the upcoming weeks for more in-depth insights into the different segments of the five ski crews. Every Monday new clips will be available for you to enjoy, because Monday is JOB Day.

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