A few weeks ago Myself and a few of my good friends decided to head down to Big Bear in Southern California for one of the regional stops of the Gatorade Free Flow Tour. I had tweaked my knee fairly badly a few weeks before while in Breckinridge and was not really planning on competing. But after getting back on my skis the morning of the competition for the first time since I hurt my knee, I decided to tough it out and try my luck in the competition. It was a blast! Everyone that traveled down to So Cal with me did well in the competition, and for the most part were skiing the best I have ever seen from them, with Dylan Curry placing 5th, his younger bother Noah placing in 4th and somehow I managed to come out with First, which meant I would get to go to Vermont to compete in the Free Flow Finals. So on Friday February 5th I got to head to the airport at 3:30 in the morning for a long day of traveling. After a long day of changing flights and sitting around in random airports, then taking a nearly 2 hour bus from Albany, we had made it to our hotel near Mt. Snow Vermont at 2 am! The next morning was Beautiful, I went up to the mountain and got registered for the finals, before I was able to go out and explore Mt. Snow. This was only the second time I have skied out on the east coast and I really enjoyed it. Towards the end of the day we were taken through the coarse to check everything out. Everything was HUGE, and unfortunately we were not able to ride the coarse that day so I really think it just added to how nervous I was about the upcoming competition. I woke up the next morning and immediately went to the mountain, It was just as sunny as the day before but the winds on the mountain were very strong, and after a while it was decided that we would only compete on the lower portion of the coarse, being the bottom down rail, into the last 2 jumps on the coarse with the addition of a big Gatorade bonk at the bottom. With the freezing temperatures and the strong winds I was not feeling all that confident about competing. But when it came time for my runs I decided to just try my best and put together a run I knew I could land with the less than perfect conditions. I somehow managed to land my run of switch right 7 to switch left 9 despite the speed issues on the coarse and when the scores came in I was put into 3rd place! The whole event was amazing! Gatorade and all the people putting it on did a really great job of making sure everything went well. I really hope they decide to put this event on in the future because I really feel it was a really good experience. The next day I was shuttled to the airport at 7, and after many more hours of waiting in airports, a flight delay, a missed flight and a night spent in Summit County I finally made it home 2 days later.