OMG call the style police... there's only one foot on that box! Words and photos: John WebsterVideo: Jeremy Gasowski, Waterville Valley Ski ResortApparently J5 is some sort of classification

in the ski-racing world. However, the J5 that went down at Waterville

Valley, NH on March 31, 2007 had absolutely nothing to do with ski

racing and had everything to do with the ridiculous progression of

freeskiing. Sponsored by K2 Skis, Spy Optics, Level 1, and,

the Junkyard Jam theme was in full effect as the competitors whipped

through the top jumps into a jib section that included a snowmaking

pipe, vending machine, ski racks, a junk pile and the showtime feature,

a flat bed truck with an up box on top.

Dylan Ferguson spins backside out.

 Junk jib from Dylan F.

PJ Beauregard, looking like a million bucks.As

much as the East Coast skiers are the highlight of this event, the

weather was anything but East Coast as it was sunny all day and with

temps in the 50's. With weather like that and a fun course set up,

what's not to love? All that love combined with the $1000 top prize,

and product from sponsors K2 skis, Spy goggles, and Level 1 DVDs up for

grabs made it an all day affair in the Exhibition Park. With the

competitors actually judging each other progression was assured and the

game was on.

Jesse Padgent knows: the white glove is the one that holds the poison.

Matt P. boosts in front of a classic East Coast backdrop.

Tiffany Davenport, mere seconds before dropping into the giant K2 sack brought in specifically for kidnapping the best riders.

Matt Morrison matches his outfit to his skis.As

the day got going, the standouts.well, stood out. PJ Beauregard stepped

up to the table with his 270 on 630 off the truck feature, Nick Martini

went one step further and popped 810 off the truck. In the Am division,

Brendan Wall entertained the crowd with huge backyard backies and

smooth style, no doubt taught to him by fellow competitor and WV coach

Greg Rupple. Also leading the style charge was WV female ski legend

Tiffany Davenport who pulled down a first place finish and a pair of K2

skis and some Spy goggles by killing it in the jumps and off the truck

box. The Am Division was headed up by Collin Sirois who put down a

switch 5 into a 180 double rewind in the jump section really firing up

the competitors, all that into a clean 270 off the truck. His run was

more then good enough for first place winning a pair of K2 skis and a

bunch of gear from Spy. Back in the Pro category Tom Warnick's switch

back flips and switch 7 mutes off the jumps as well as 270 on 270 off,

450 and 630 off the truck gave him the respect of his peers and the

dolla dolla bills! $1000 to be exact all in $5 bills...hence J5.

Download the video here! (17.4MB mp4)Big

thanks to everyone who came out and made this event heaps of fun, very

special thanks to all of our sponsors K2 skis, Spy Optics, Level 1 and! See you next year!

Bank cash MONEYYY!

Tyler Thistle whets his whistle, get my gistle?

The unknown skier... who's gonna claim it?