Newschooler's Review: These are an awesome park ski. I would say they are more at home on rails than on jumps, but they were definitely fun in the pipe too. The edges are super thick, the base is really tough. The topsheets and sidewalls have been fine, they seem to resist nicks and chips better than your average ski. They are also decently light. The swing weight is really low, you can whip these around pretty quick off rails. - Lemuel

Characteristics: Super light and nimble

Manufacturer's Description:

The Whipit ski will literally read your mind taking your skiing further faster, with less effort than ever before. I designed this ski with a 90mm waist for enhanced edge-to-edge quickness on firm snow. I also added Carbon fiber to it's construction for a game-changing light weight poppy feel both on the snow and in the air. You'll be whipping around the most technical tricks & laying down effortless carves forwards or backwards with ease, feeling like there's nothing on your feet. Yup! This is the funnest, lightest, quickest, easiest, butteryest, most durable all-terrain ski of all time!

Sizes: 164,171,178,184 CM

Dimensions: 113 / 90 / 110 MM

Radius: 20M