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The “Master Blaster” is my newest ski model. It's quick and powerful like you’d expect from a 96mm all-mountain ski, yet has a unique split personality that’s shockingly fun and playful when you get it beyond the groomers and into powder. When carving, the metal laminate & maple core construction provides a race ski-like precision, yet when you drop into the tight trees, it’s got just the right amount of rocker to enable you to effortlessly surf and pivot on a dime. Unlike my other skis with equal height tip & tail, I actually reduced the tail height by 3cm then added the material back in underfoot for an additional whopping 5cm more effective edge length in contact with the snow. In addition, the subtle rocker geometry perfectly matches the sidecut geometry so when the rockered tips are put on edge, the entire length of the edge is gripping the snow. Now the 181cm has the same effective edge as my other ski model’s 186cm size. You get more grip, without the extra length for effortless handling and maneuverability. Crush, kill, destroy... repeat! #JMasterblasterSki

Retail: $666

Sizes: 168, 175, 181, 187

Dimensions: 125 / 96 / 114

Radius: 18 @181cm

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