Come ride some rails and check out a grip of next years product. you can jam all day for FREE! all you have to do is pay to get into the expo, then come ski/board, tele, or Snowlerblade to your hearts content. Contest will be sunday starting around Noon and will also be FREE! Winners will be qualifying for our finals at SIA in Las Vegas Nevada! So stop in say Hi and come schralp! We are an Equal opportunity Rail jam we offer four seperate divisions Ski, Snowboard, Under 15 years old best trick and female best trick. hopefully a grip of girls will come ride in the contest so I can see if my dreams have came true and Denver is full of Skinny soccer playing Thai Albinos with pink eyes.PS after the Denver Expo we will be doing the Minneapolis, and the Boston expos as well so come help soothe my conscience that I'm leaving a state with snow so kids that don't can at least jib without their ice rink take offs melting. Its like I'm in the Peace corps or something.GO MCCAIN!!! WOOO