There hasn’t been much video production going on with the skiing side of things here in British Columbia’s west coast since the Heavy Hitting days. Quite strange considering most of the athletes featured in ski movies today live here, and tons of content is captured on our mountains year after year yet the filmers go off with the beauty shots they own and produce it elsewhere. What do we get, credit at the end of a movie? Thats not going to pay the bills… But things are starting to happen, there’s a few local projects in the works and a good one is on deck. Enter Dentrite Studios. Based in Whistler these guys have the skills, the style and the work ethic to succeed here at home. Without help from the corporate giant, they spent the past season working with the regions most underground, talented and calculated skiers, some of whom don’t even have sponsors. This is the real deal and I’m pumped to see the feature film this fall. Here’s the trailer for Out of the Shadows