We intend on loading the slopes with as many jibs as we can, (last year, we fit about 10 jibs and 2 jumps in and had 200 people) possibly build a Rythym Section and some small kickers. It does appear that we have more snow than we did last year, so please, post suggestions for your favorite or never seen before jibs and we will do our best to accommodate. There will probably be an impromptu comp for best trick or something like that or just come to session and have a great time. Sean Jordan should be there, unfortunatly Brogan is in Dillon forcing his steeze for the camera. Team Riders Nipples and Big-Ben should also be in attendance.

$10 gets you on the snow. Red Bull will be there, flowing product like water, Upstate Clothing and Back Woods Productions and some others will be tossing product. The deck will be open and we will fire up the grill.  We got Beer for those of you over 21!  Remember to bring your deck and session the skate ramp afterwards or during or come to hang film, shoot photos, burn trees.....  naaaaaa  don't do that!

Registration begins at 10AM - Festivities start at Noon. sign in at:  http://www.newschoolers.com/web/content/events/event_id/683/

Lastly, for your viewing entertainment, we were sent an awesome closing edit from the Wonder Bunch who visited a couple of weeks ago from Upstate NY. Thanks guys!