Sure I was trying to be the nice guy, and invite the D-structure boys over

to do another show, but they wouldn't have it! So it's a full on invasion, and

D-structure will be hosting their own show! Phil Bélanger will be in the NSRadio

studio to answer questions and talk about the shop, Plehouse, skiing and whatever

else he so feels like. He's bringing in his own music, so you'll get to hear

something different than the usual crap played on NSRadio. From what I hear,

Philou is also joining in to discuss his new position in the ski industry! I

heard he's working at Oakley now...

D-structure, famous for throwing down the good prizes, is giving away a pair

of Dynastar Belan pro models once again, as well as an assortment of other stuff!

This is the first full takeover of NSRadio by pro skiers, so get ready to listen

to history in the making. Get some questions/comments/smack talk going in the


forum, and these guys will talk to you about it on the air.