I need an outlet to rant and bitch about my not so dire, but aggravating situation. I've decided on letting it out in a blog.

So this summer i decided to seriously get into downhill mtb. I work at the Trek Bike store in toronto so my choices of a bike were pretty much limited to one, the trek session 10 (pic below). Which isn't bad at all seeing as how this bike is stacked (sram X.0, king earl wheel set, avid juicy code brakes....)

I ordered the bike, and it came in on monday. I was stoked as fuck on my way to work, looking forward to riding my bike and christening it on some of the don valley's limited trail system.

So I got into work, and one of the mechs imeadiately told me of a few problems. The bike was somehow shipped without a rear axel, a rear deraileur, a chain, or the crowns for the top of the fork. They did however manage to send me two different cranksets and two bottom brackets....is this a sick joke?

Now at first this didnt really bother me, which is strange since I would typically be upset initially and then get over it later. But after a couple days the fact that I wasnt out riding my bike because someone in Wisconsin didn't double check what he was putting into the bike box started to eat away at me.

To make things more interesting the bike was sent with avid juicy sevens(all mountain) instead of codes(DH specific) brakes because avid had some sort of manufacturing issue with the code brakes so trek couldn't put any of them on their bikes.

Now if you google trek session 10 and click any relevant link it'll tell you that it comes with Code brakes stock. So this leads me to believe trek didn't tell anyone that they couldn't get the code brakes and hoped nobody would notice. weak trek, very weak.

Now I have to wait to order the brakes myself from avid before i can use my bike, I'll be damned if i even ride down the street brakeless. I'm missing out on a trip to collingwood because this bike wasn't shipped properly, and now I'm at serious risk for not having this bike ready for a trip to newyork next week because trek straight up lied.