Now that the NBA owns

the New Orleans Hornets and has begun the task of finding a new owner and home

for the team, pertinent questions are abound. Namely, what's in a name? Let's

chill out with the Seattle Bees. As the Weekly points out, red bull

hats the

team would be insane not to change their name to the Sonics if they did come to

Rain City. But it's nice to know that if the

team does move but wants to cut down on costs, those old Hornet shirts in

storage would still work.

Originally, the name

was chosen not because of stingy the bug but because of Charlotte's resistance to the British

occupation during the Revolutionary War (in which the city was compared to a

"nest of hornets"). Seattle

wouldn't be able to lay claim to anything quite so historical or referential, NHL Jerseys but according to an

entomologist who spoke with the Seattle Weekly, the name still works for the

most obvious of reasons.

Though Sheppard

admitted it would be more fitting to name nfl

jackets the team after a different, though similar, insect: the

bee. "The Seattle Bees," he says. "Because honeybees are so

important to apple production. And because of all the recent PR."

"Actually, that would be a very appropriate nickname," says Washington State University

entomologist Steve Sheppard. "Hornets are predatory wasps and there a ton

of 'em in Washington."

Despite changing

cities already, the Hornets have always been the Hornets. With possible new

homes like Kansas City, Louisville

and Seattle

being bandied about, does it still make sense for them to use that name?