Just recently I've noticed blogs are in a accesable place again, which instantly got me thinking of how i can get my blog back on the block like Jenny.

The art of NS Blogging has stepped it self up, from travelogues of semi-professional skiers, to witty intellectual posts from the smarter professional skiers, funny internet posts from the NS Staff, it leaves me flabbergasted as what i can fill my blog with. I could tell a story from a rail session, write about my trip to aspen for x-games, cover some heappenings from my recent utah trip ( a non backwards adventure ), show you some pictures from Jib Academy in Minnesota.

But since when does anyone want to hear about all that. It was great while it lasted, i took pictures, made jokes, made a fool of myself and moved on.

I don't know though, has that been played out, event coverge these days is insane, if a stories not posted the night of, then the next day your getting crazy pics and videos from the event, the digital world is crazy right now. you can read about the Jon Olsson Super Sessions or you can read this rambling by me. All in the comfort of Newschoolers.

If i could id invite you to check out some site that i update all the time. However i have no cool hyper link with a trendy name to redirect you to.

so instead im going to post some of the worst pictures i took this year. because who wants to see bangers!

My Friend Andy, My Flash Failed on This Shot

Jeff Loewe Filming for Some "Reasons" My Flash Worked too well on this

Andreas Baacke, I really went for it on this one

Steve Stuck the Entire Rail This Time, I got the shot ZERO times that try

A Slow Sign at A$pen, Where was I aimed?

This Was gonna be a Cool Profile Shot of Walker, then I Missed half his Head.

I'm Sure Symms did something eXtreme here, however while sipping on a mountain dew i missed it.