With some rail jams in PA and VT, we decide to stay true to our NY roots (also closest to drive) and head to Windham Mountain. Old timer Erik Olsen made an appearance along with gimped Gary Deadly, Willy Wesson, and Erik VanDrivin.


It couldn’t have been a better day to go skiing, green trees, sunny skies and warm weather with a pig pile of snow. Arriving around 10 Windham was just finishing putting in all the jibs and kids where already lined up ready to ride. They had set up a bunch of different rails set up which included a fat down bar, flat box, small rainbow rail, and flat rail to barrel bonk. Even with all these different rails space was still at a premium and you had to watch your back at all times to make sure no one was flying into you. Will and EO showed up late but jumped right in the melee, and for the first time in a good while I witness Erik Olsen hitting a rail.

 About half way into the jam, and minutes after taking a fall I headed down to the car and got a bunch of goodies that the Meatheads gave me. With the help from some guy on a truck with a megaphone I tossed out Line and EMS bandanas, Cliff bars, Ski The East Stickers and whatever else Geoff gave me. The rest of the jam went well; we found some one to film a bit (thanks Jack Wisemen), I watched Will try one trick for about an hour, and Griay got to mack it with his girl. Even with the 4 hour drive through the back woods on New York it was a damn good day and was great to be back on snow.

***Enjoy the Video*** in the Skiers Union