So, 46 days sincce my last entry.. that's got to be some sort of record.  Today's rant was inspired by some low-quality Canadian television that I sat through last night.  The movie was called 8 Days To Live and starred the lady that plays Kirsten on The O.C., so that's how I got sucked in  (all you OC haters can go rant about your hate for the show in your own blog if you'd like).   The basic premise was simple and had that after-school special feel to it:  A seemingly "good" teenage boy attempts to attend a party a few hours away from his house but never shows up.  Turns out that he stopped on his way to meet a girl that he had been talking to on the internet.  One thing leads to another and suddenly he's transporting a very attractive bag of weed with a sketched out scumbag.  Eventually things get even worse as the boy falls asleep at the wheel on his way home from the drug run and tosses his chevy into a huge ditch.  The parents launch a heli-laden rescue effort for 8 days.  Obviously everything works out in the end.Usually mediocre shows like this don't really bother me, but I had to take issue with what I see as a skyrocketing trend in the media these days:  making the internet the golden scapegoat of our generation.  A kid uses drugs, blame the internet, Mom finds your porn stash, blame the internet, Kids get out of touch and anti-social, surprise - blame the internet.  And while I would never say that the internet is a "safe" place (what is these days?), I have to take issue with the blame it receives on a regular basis.  I hate to break it to people but drugs, porn, and anti-social behaviour existed long before the information superhighway penetrated everyday life in the Western world.  That's my rant for the day. On a completely unrelated note the Mutek Festival is on this week in Montreal (, so if you're in the city and enjoy electronic music this is the place for you.  The festival starts tomorrow with an all day event titled The Upgrade Montreal (  See you there!