While scrolling through the tweets with #DewTour , I found this one startling tweet:

After doing a bit of research and investigating, I think I may have found our culprit. First of all we need to analyse this tweet. A man with long blonde hair and a grey beanie. Now I had a look through a couple of athletes and I doubted it at first, but after coming up dry (like the east coast) I looked a bit closer and to my surprise it seemed that Tanner Hall could have really been the owner of this dog.

Could it be? No. We need to dig deeper. Now this only fits half the description. It says the man was in the company of a dark retriever, well we don't really know if Hall has any dogs, let alone pets. But there are a number of plausible reasons that could explain the dark retriever. The main one and most obvious is that Tanner Hall is actually a werewolf. Now I know, I know, what would a werewolf be doing at Dew Tour. Well possibly it was there to lay down some new dubs. But regardless, the over riding question is how would Tanner Hall become a werewolf when it needs to be a full moon in order for him to transform. Well this tweet was from 8:47 PM, that's way past my bed time, so that explains why he became a werewolf. But there's more to this story. As Breckenridge is in Colorado, where pot is legal, is it possible that Hall could've been 420 blazing and while intoxicated might have accidentally transformed into a werewolf and bit this 6 year old. What's more is that Tanner Hall released a movie called Like a Lion back in 2010. Has he been hinting about this secret for a while now? While this is the most plausible explanation for this random attack. It was almost certainly Tanner Hall who was to blame for this attack. And it may have been in revenge for his 6th placing in the 2012 Dew Tour. Who knows? Whether he is a werewolf or an Islamic State Insurgent fighting for the ways of Muhammad and Jihad, we must all be cautious around events hosted in states that have legalized "that sticky, high grade, purple kush." - Steve Stepp

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