Skiing has caught flak from snowboarders since the birth of freeskiing, yet with skier-snowboarder tensions seemingly at an all-time low I thought Iíd check in with some snowboarders to see what they think of the current ski scene.

Avran LeFeber isnít an internet troll, heís a self proclaimed internet warlock. The evil mastermind behind never fails to stir the pot in the snowboard world by being brutally honest. With his colorful language and empty bank of fucks to give, Avran is definitely an opinionated dude, so I teeíd him up for an interview.

What is angry snowboarder?

Something that takes up way too much of my time and doesnít give me any reward. If you ever get challenged by a girl with a chest piece to start a snowboarding website, I strongly suggest you rethink your friendships with this person and if you want to throw 8 years of your life away writing content that causes company owners and employees to threaten to kill you. In short itís the website that doesnít give a fuck if it offends you nor make apologies when it does offend you. If youíre weak you should read it, it might rustle your jimmy and make you tougher. Or youíll just bite your pillow and cry.

Who are you?

A 33 year old successful snowboard bum that spends way too much time on the Internet trolling people over their emotional attachment to a piece of plastic that they ride sideways down a snow covered hill. Or if you ask my mom; her precious baby that is the apple of her eye and can do no wrong. Somewhere between those two is the real me and you probably hate myself as much as I do.

Is snowboarding cool right now?

Snowboarding was never cool everyone knows that. The cool kids ski.

Is snowboarding dying, or doing just fine?

Are any of you old enough to remember when skiing was dying? Yeah same shit different decade. The ebb and flow is doing its thing. All thatís really happening is a culling of the herd, weíre finding out who are snowboarders and who are people that snowboard. But if youíre smart youíll buy stock in ski blades, I hear Chris Hawks is making a comeback.

I think Voleurz got it right

Do you keep much track of skiing, or not really? If so, who and what do you follow?

I remotely follow Pat Goodnough because many years ago I moved into a condo and he was living on the couch, he still hasnít left and I somehow inherited him. Iíve been in a few Totally Trevor edits because someone has to spray that fuck! Seriously the kid has made a career out of thumb-gunning Runa and filming his fat orange pussy. Jon Hartman and I have a really unique relationship, it involves meth, hookers, mustache rides, and questionable decisions of morality that will haunt your dreams the rest of your life. Iím still recovering from that trip to Bangkok with him and his wife. Iíve known Katrina Sigfried since she snowboarded. Jaron Stadler and I are friends mainly because one of his relatives banged someone that was related to my intern Brucey. Plus weíre starting a new company called Small Tees, itís all about bringing the male crop top back. I see Brooke Potter around from time to time and have to agree with the NS forum thread that she is a babe, I talked to her once and she seemed nice, Iíd probably take her on a date and call her again. If youíre reading this Chris Krance has my number, get ahold of me. Iíve been trying to match with Keri Herman and Nadia Gonzalez on Tinder, but for some reason they havenít swiped right yet. Someday though! Maybe the Snowflake App will allow this to happen. One year I mounted and tuned Tom Wallischís skis for Dew Tour, he got second place in slopestyle.

As a snowboarder, what is your current conception of skiing?

Honestly I donít give a shit about it. Itís there and itís doing its thing. I laugh at how bad skiing tends to bite on snowboarding trends and how skiing has to turn them up to 11. If snowboarding is a fashion show, then skiing is the nerdy hipster design kids at Parsons. If you donít know what Parsons is you should probably fucking read.

Ever jealous of skiers?

Skiers butts drive me nuts.

Thoughts on the skier/snowboarder beef?

Can we just bring this back? Itís cool getting in fights with 60 year old guys that for some reason have to refer to me as ďyou peopleĒ and talk about how it was better when we werenít allowed on the mountain. But I want a challenge, this new generation is soft. Where are the K2/Jetta commercials with skiers and snowboarders fighting. Whereís the hijinks of people shitting in each otherís boots, oh wait that happened to Chris Krance at the SIA On Snow. Well maybe we should just have more people shitting in each otherís boots. I donít know about you, but that might bring back this beef.

Is skiing cool, was it ever cool?

The last time skiing was cool was when Franke Bare did the quadruple twisting flipping spread. Otherwise now itís just fucking rollerblading. News flash skiers; doing 5 change ups on a 5 foot rail is about as cool as getting fucked bareback by Charlie Sheen. Sure you can say you did it, but then you have to live with the results after the fact.