YES HE IS!!!!Hey Guys!Sorry for the lack of updates, I treated myself with a long blog vacation.Now Im back and I´ll try to give you an input what my day looks like.

Photo: Mattias Fredrickson My neck is doing fine, I actually started playing some golf two days ago. Can´t swing my usual powerswing but I figured out that it actually works inmy advantage, cause now I manage to keep the ball out of the woods and pretty close to the fairway. I went to the doctor a while back for a check up. He told me that it could go afew months longer before Im back on my skis again, so I guess 5 more months Iwill be pretty close to strapping my skis on.I have one more statement: It is my pleasure to say that I am officially a Red Bull rider :D
I have had my eyes on Red Bull for a long time now, and for a lot of reasons.First of all I love the drink, and what Red Bull do for their athlete´s is just phenomenal. Im looking forward to a long and good relationship with Red Bull and the guys behind it. Peace!