The story goes as follows. This happened in the younger days of my college existence, the days before that one day that will haunt me forever me. But back to the story. Fiiting perfectly into the stereotype our forfathers created for us we were drinking heavly and having fun. The night grew older and our drunkenness began to take a life of its own. That’s when it happened and the predator left her room to look for the prey. That night the prey was me. She said all the right words and gave me a taste of seductive Africa. I got away and left her in the shadows. When I went to my room she was there. She had me lured and traped. She lifted her shirt and my drunken eyes eagerly feasted on the gigantic black boobs in front of me. They were huge, I was drunk, they had nipple rings, game over. She showed me a wild night I will not soon forget. I am no longer blind